When it comes to bracing technology, things have barely changed in over 50 years. Until now.


In 2017, we set out to build the next generation of joint support: one integrated into beautifully simple athletic apparel. We went back to basics, completely re-engineering how products interact with and support the human body.


The result is Stoko.



Stoko provides the same level of support as a fully rigid bracing product in a garment that looks and feels no different than the clothing you already wear. Whether you are rehabilitating an ACL injury, have general knee pain, or want to prevent an injury altogether – Go with Stoko.

It’s fully supportive.

It’s adjustable.

It’s completely invisible.

It fits perfectly.



Stoko works by mimicking the muscles and ligaments that your body naturally uses to provide support to itself. It's built with our proprietary reinforced materials and an adjustable support structures integrated directly into the material itself. Our support structure sits along the surface of your skin to provide support while being entirely unnoticeable.


Micro-adjustability enables users to create a custom fit and adjust support for any instability or activity. Together, our technologies result in a joint support product that is anatomically correct, more comfortable, and also more effective than traditional bracing products.

It is the most comfortable, lowest profile, fully supportive bracing product on the market. Whatever level of support you need, we’ve got your back (or your knees).


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