Is Stoko suitable for my ACL injury?

Absolutely. The technology is designed to support a variety of knee instabilities, even full ruptures of knee ligaments including your ACL, MCL, PCL. and LCL.

How does it work?

An easy way to think about Stoko is to think about a bridge. If you want to build a bridge, you could use rigid materials like concrete to build a traditional bridge, or you could use flexible materials and cables to build a suspension bridge. Rigid braces are like a traditional bridge where as we are like a suspension bridge. The approach is entirely opposite, but the strength is exactly the same. Check out our Technology page for more information!

Where do I buy Stoko?

We are working to finalize our design before we Fall 2020 launch in North America. Subscribe to our newsletter or keep watching our website for updates on our launch and information on when and where you will be able to purchase Stoko.

Is Stoko as supportive as my carbon fiber brace?

Absolutely. It's also adjustable. The micro-adjustable support system is able to provide support for any level of activity or instability. This means you can adjust support from absolutely nothing all the way up to the same level as your carbon fiber brace. Rehabilitating an injury? No problem. Post surgical? No sweat. Chronic pain? Go for it. Whatever your symptoms are, Go with Stoko.

Will Stoko be covered by my health insurance?

We're working on it. The goal is to make sure that Stōkō is elegible for the same coverage as other braces you could choose. We are currently working with major insurers to make this a reality.

My knee hurts just from time to time... Can I wear Stoko?

We designed Stoko for you too! Your knees hurt. We get it. But you don't want to wear a brace. You just want to get back to the activity you love... Stoko is fully adjustable for any level of knee pain or instability. You decide how much support you need whenever you need it.

Wait. It's adjustable?


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